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Book Reviews

From time to time we will be asked to review books for publishers before their general release to the public.  These books are given to the club and the publishers ask for open and honest reviews of the books.  We receive no compensation from the publishers other than we keep the books.
Please read the following reviews.  Hopefully they will be insightful to you before purchasing the titles.

Weekend Projects for Your Modern Corvette - C4-C5-C6
By John Urban - December 2009
This book is presented in instructional, workbook fashion.  It is written using concise terms that are easy to understand.  Using photographs, the projects are clearly illustrated.
Each project is prefaced with "Plan Box" which the author uses to delineate the difficulty level of the project and the expected time needed for completion of the project.  This "Plan Box" also suggests a cost estimate for the project and list the tools that will be needed to undertake the project.  Each project is rated as to the projects degree of difficulty.
Over 50 projects are presented.  These include projects related to the engine, interior, exterior or brakes/suspension.
The information presented helps the Corvette owner understand the component parts and systems of their car.  The easy to understand explanations of the projects along with the visuals of the project in progress engenders confidence in the reader.
I would suggest that this is a good read for the Corvette enthusiast.

By Michael Sizemore - December 2009
The over-all first impression of the book by looking at the cover is, I am going to really get a lot out of this book and modify my Corvette.  With over 50 projects listed, it is a no-brainer.
If you are a reader of Corvette magazines you will quickly recognize most of the projects in the book, they have covered most of these in their magazine throughout the years.
If you are not a subscriber to a Corvette magazine, these projects are fresh and very easy to understand.
The author does a good job at estimating the time for the projects, he is pretty much spot on with this.  The cost of the projects may change with time.  These need to be taken as an estimate at best.  Different manufacturers will have different prices, so please take the extra time to shop around.
If you are a C5 owner, this is the book for you.  A large percent of the modifications are focused on you and your Corvette.  Some of these can cross over to the C6, but not many. 
I feel disappointed for the C4 owner (myself included) that buys this book without looking through it first.  The projects for the C4 are suspension related nothing more.  I don't think any of the C5-C6 projects can cross over to the C4. 
Overall I was pleased with the pictures and instruction of the book.
I would suggest it for all C5 and C6 owners, not at all for C4 owners.

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