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Troop 381

Troop Pictures - 1970's

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John Rush leading Memorial Day Parade 1970.jpg

Mr. Rush leading the troop down Main Street in Westminster for the 1970 Memorial Day Parade

Troop 381 at Camp Broad Creek 1970.jpg

Troop Summer Camp - Broad Creek - 1970

Troop 381 at Camp Rock Enon 1971.jpg

Troop Summer Camp  - Camp Rock Enon - 1971

Inskeep, John Rush, Randy Rush.jpg

Kevin Innskeep, Mr. Rush and Randy Rush

Rush Awards Davy w Merit Badge 1970.jpg

Mr. Rush awarding a merit badge to Greg Davy (Eagle Scout #3) - 1970

Greg and Randy Rush Prepare for World Jamboree XIII.jpg

Greg Davy and Randy Rush preparing for the World Jamboree XIII

Four Eagles.jpg

Four Eagle Scouts.  Do you recognize these guys?

Davy and Herb Forney 1970.jpg

Greg Davy and Herb Forney - 1970

Fall Harvest Days, CCFM 1970.jpg

Fall Harvest - Farm Museum - 1970